Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Spirulina & Quinoa & Kale & Spinach

About two, three weeks ago, I had breakfast at Solomon's Cafe on Beaufort Street, High Gate. We woke up super early and had breakfast around 8:00am, it was really empty. Nowadays, there's so much hype and popularity surrounding cafes that sell a certain type of food:
  • dairy, gluten, sugar free
  • vegan or vegetarian
  • paleo foods
  • raw foods etc.
Solomon's Cafe is one of these cafes. Everything is gluten-free, free of refined sugar, dairy free and "made from the finest organic produce". And they have this quote or motto: "Spirulina & Quinoa & Kale & Spinach". The inside of the  cafe is rustic and has a warm cozy feeling to it, well I at least I thought so. We sat close to the front, where the open window/wall is. Beaufort Street is an absolutely lovely street to be in. It's a great place to watch cars slowing moving by and peculiar people passing by.

Banana cacao smoothie: $10

Because Solomon's Cafe is under the category of organic cafes, it's expensive. For breakfast I ordered a cacao and banana smoothie, which had rice milk, banana, cacao powder and a sprinkling of chia seeds. I paid ten dollars for a jar full of this goodness. It was delicious, but too expensive for my liking. I ordered the pumpkin pancakes, with banana, maple, pepita seeds and coconut. This dish came with three reasonable sized pancakes and a whole banana sliced up. It's not overly sweet and it has this spice flavour. I wasn't too sure what it was, but a spice like cinnamon or something or rather that made the dish more interesting. Because of the spice it made the pancakes more rich, resulting in being on the verge of too much. My sister ordered the quinoa porridge with crushed nuts, berry compote and I think there was coconut in it as well. I wasn't a big fan of this, I don't know if it was the fact that the texture was too wet, because I've never had quinoa porridge before. I'm also not the biggest fan of stewed berries. My sister's friend ordered the beetroot cacao crepes, which were interestingly salty in taste. We all expected it to be sweet.

Pumpkin banana pancakes: $16-19
Quinoa porridge: $14

This visit was slightly rushed and I felt like I didn't really get to 'review' the place if you know what I mean. I would love to return to Solomon's Cafe though and try out their lunch or dinner menu, everything sounds so delicious and interesting!

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