Monday, 7 April 2014

We're Being A Bunch of Fatties at San Churros

One of my favourite things to do, is to go out and eat something yummy. Whenever we go out to run an errand, we always seem to stop by a cafe to have something to drink and eat, it's the best part of going out, especially if you have to go to something that you don't particularly want to go to. On Saturday, I had to go in to uni to do a couple of prints for my visual arts class. After I was done with all the printing mess, we went to San Churros in Leederville! My goodness, churros are my fave, but they're so bad for you. Oh well.

We ordered, the churros for two with milk chocolate and caramel dip cups which was $14.95-ish I think? We also ordered a dark chocolate hot chocolate and a flat white. Eating these churros reminded me of eating churros in Europe. They're slightly different, the European ones are slightly more dense and soft, with a slight saltiness, whereas San Churro's churros are more doughy and sweet.

We went there around four in the afternoon, and it was really quiet, there was only about two more groups of people. In the Leederville shop, there's this big open window, so you can see the cars passing by on Oxford and the people walking by. It got a bit noisy, because of all the cars, there was a lot of honking going on for some reason. I think everyone was in a rush to get somewhere. The football was also on, so maybe that's why.

The dark hot chocolate is really rich, especially when you have it with churros and chocolate and caramel. I really suggest ordering coffee, because it just balances everything out. I never realized, but San Churros actually does so much more than churros. Whenever I go there, I usually just get a plate of churros to share, but I looked through their new winter menu, and there are so many delectable desserts. Sundaes, smoothies, chocolate fondue etc., there are so many! I really want to try the hot chocolate with the peanut butter spoon thing, sounds interesting.

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