Thursday, 24 April 2014

Vegetarian/Vegan Food | The Swan Valley Cafe

Our desserts after lunch.

The Swan Valley Cafe is fantastic. Everything that we ordered was so delicious and on some level healthy for you. The staff were extremely kind and friendly and the seating area is just so relaxing. During the Easter long weekend, we made a trip down to the Swan Valley region, after buying some Morish nuts and Mondo nougat, we stopped by this cafe for lunch. The outside doesn't look like much, it's green and slightly looks like it's run down. But, the outside seating area is so beautiful. There's a choice of sitting inside or outside, but if you every find yourself at the cafe, sit outside. The weather was beautiful that day, it was sunny and cloudless. The outside sitting area is next to a plant nursery, there's trees, vines and bushes everywhere providing shade while letting in the sunlight. We sat underneath a tree, next to a small fountain. I don't know why, but the sound of falling water is always calming and relaxing.

The Swan Valley Cafe is a vegetarian cafe, that also offers vegan and raw foods. I'm a big fan of this type of food, it's so nutritious and it's so different and yummy to other foods. We decided, to share two main meals and two drinks between the three of us,  and then have a dessert each. We all have a bit of a a sweet tooth. For mains, we ordered the raw marinated mushrooms stuffed with walnut and sunflower seed pate and the felafels on a bed of brown rices, tahini and a garden salad. The dishes were filled with healthy vegetables and they were so amazingly yummy.

Raw Mushrooms: $20.50, Felafels: $18.90
The raw mushrooms, came with three stuffed mushrooms, it also came with a seeded bread or cracker that was so different and went extremely well with the mushrooms. It was filled with shredded zucchini, cherry tomatoes, salad leaves and also came with some fruit.

The felafels were a nice change from the mushrooms because it's a warm dish. This meal also came with three felafels, which was great seeing as there were three of us. It was just yummy! It came with a lot of vegetables and the tahini dressing was to die for, it's the best I've ever tasted.

Berry smoothie: $8.00
For drinks, we ordered a berry smoothie, with mixed berries, bananas and chia seeds, making it vegan. We also had a green juice made of kale, green apples, spirulina and lime. Both drinks were great!

Green juice: $7.00
For dessert we ordered a raw berry cheesecake, a chocolate and berry tart and chocolate avocado cake. Unfortunately, after my mum pointed out that that berry cheesecake tasted slightly like wax, my sister couldn't help but notice this was true. Also, they had ran out of chocolate avocado cake, so I had to settle with a chocolate and beetroot cake. The serving of my cake was huge. It was so delicious, although it didn't come with any cashew cream like the menu said it would. You can't really taste the beetroot in the cake, but you can see tinges of red. It's not overly rich like a chocolate cake tends to be, it was surprisingly light and not too overly sweet. The raw berry cheesecake came frozen, and I didn't really enjoy it unfortunately. The berry and chocolate tart was only mediocre for me, because I don't rarely enjoy chocolate and berries together, but my mum enjoyed it.

Raw berry cheesecake: $8.50
Chocolate and berry tart: $8.50
Chocolate beetroot cake: $7.50
One thing though, it's not table service, you have to order at the counter, although when we went there the waitress offered to take our orders at the table. The people who run it, these two ladies were extremely accommodating and friendly. There was a table behind us that had special dietary requirements, which disallowed them to have vegetables that are grown in the earth, so like onions, garlic etc. The waitress, who's also the owner I think, chose items for the customers and she also altered what is usually used to cook the dishes. I thought this was so great of her, there aren't many places who are willing to change what they use in the dish and she was so friendly about it too. 

A downside of this restaurant, is the calorie intake. A lot of vegan and raw foods uses a lot of nuts and seeds as alternatives to other ingredients, this makes a lot of the dishes higher in fat and oil content. It's not unhealthy, but the calorie amount I think would be quite high. I can't wait to go back though!

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