Sunday, 6 April 2014

Shopping for Wintery Europe

I kind of feel like shopping, even though I rarely find anything I want to buy or remotely like here in Perth. But before I went to Europe last year, I bought some neat things that I though I would on my blog. I think I'm going to start doing a monthly post on what I've bought, even though I don't really buy things that often. We'll see how it goes. I really want to make a post on the things I bought in Europe though, so watch out for that!

Anyway, since I was going to Europe in the winter time, I needed more socks, so I bought these two lovely pairs from Sportsgirl. They're pretty old season I guess, seeing as I bought them on sale. They were originally $9.95, but I got them $4.95. I love them. I have too many socks though. They were also selling these socks in white and a coral pink colour.

Another thing I bought from Sportsgirl is this bag. I really needed a bag to bring to Europe, since all my other bags were too big, too small or deemed to susceptible to pick pocketers. I needed a bag that: 1. could fit my wallet, phone, glasses and DSLR camera, 2. had a zip closure and 3. be a cross body bag. And this bag fitted all the descriptions. I bought it for $39.95, and it also comes in a much bigger size, although not in black. It has a zip pocket inside the bag and another open one. Even though I could fit everything I needed in the bag, it was tight fit.

 Another thing I bought, or rather my mum bought for me is this lovely coat from the Japanese online shop Rakuten. It's a down jacket that stops just above the knee, has a zip and button closure and a hood that you're able to tighten. This coat comes in so many lovely colours that it was hard to pick one! I settled for this colour which is called 'cocoa beige'. I absolutely love this coat! It's so light and you can basically stuff it in to any bag, and it's also so warm. It's not 100% waterproof, but it doesn't soak in at a fast rate, spray on some water repellent and it's all good. We bought it for roughly eighty dollars and it came within a few weeks. Totally recommend this coat to anyone wanting to buy a new one. They only come in medium and large sizes, and we opted for the larger one because Japanese sizing tends to be on the smaller scale. Click here to check it out!