Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Barceloneta Barcelona

Here's a simple and short post (compared to my other lengthy posts) on Barceloneta, simple because of what the day was like. We came here one afternoon to explore and find out what the marina was like in Barcelona. It was only a short ride on the metro from where we were staying and this place is so beautiful. If you're stressed out, suffering from anxiety or just wanting to relax, definitely go to Barceloneta, heck just go to Barcelona. The air was crisp but it was sunny to the extent that I could take off my down jacket, by the way, bring your sunglasses. It's just so calming and relaxing walking along the pier, just observing everyone and everything and just taking it all in. There are lots of fancy restaurants along the pier and a few market stalls.

The stall was super cute, they used the paper cones as lamp shades too!
We stopped this stall that was selling deep fired goods, namely churros and other Spanish goods. Who doesn't love eating deep fried foods while you're on holiday and at the pier soaking up the sunshine? We bought a small portion that came with a mix of deep fried doughnuts, including milk and dark chocolate covered churros, plain sugared doughnuts and some other variety of sweet fried goodness. It was five Euros for a small cone. You also have the option of getting just one thing, like just churros, but seriously, get the mixed combo. 

What made the day perfect was the music. A local band had set up in front of the stairs and played typical Spanish music, with guitars, castanets, bongo drums and other instruments. It was just the cherry on top. Sitting, relaxing, eating delicious Spanish street food and listening to vibrant and foreign music whilst soaking up the sea breeze and Spanish sun. There was also this cute old man that started dancing with the on lookers. We thought he was just some random, but he's really part of the band, he's there to liven up the mood and encourage people to dance! Ah, I miss Europe and I miss Barcelona. I feel so blessed to have been able to  go there. All this reminiscing has made me sleepy and somewhat sad that I'm not there.