Monday, 17 February 2014

Sunny Light and Seafood in Barcelona

View from our windows.
I'm going to jump to Barcelona for the next few posts. We took a flight from London to Barcelona on the third of January, the flight is about two hours. Europe is so great in a sense that you're able to fly from one country to another under three hours.  Anywhere from Perth takes about five hours or more, which is annoying. Barcelona is so much more sunnier in the winter time compared to the other European countries, don't let my pictures fool you, that day was unusually cloudy and drizzling with rain. Their winter slightly reminds me of Perth's winter because there's clear blue skies, it's sunny and occasionally warm, when you're sitting in direct sunlight for long periods of time. The sun however, isn't as strong as Australia's, so you wouldn't get sunburned during the winter or anything like that. Although, the first day we were there, it was cloudy and drizzling with rain. 

Living area of Suites Avenue

The master bedroom.
The hotel we stayed in is called Suites Avenue, which is situated on the famous street Passeig de Garcia. This super long street is known for shopping, there's the high end brands like Guess and Hugo Boss which was basically below the hotel, and high street clothing chains like Zara and Mango. Suites Avenue was my favorite out of all the hotels we stayed in during our trip. It was modern, comfortable, the service was efficient and friendly, the location was so great and convenient and the rooms were so nice.

See how the lights shine through?
Suites Avenue is a serviced apartment, so it came with a master bedroom with an en suite, a kitchen, TV and dinning area and a separated area for the single bed. There are big windows covering the whole wall that lets the Spanish sun shine through, which I love. There is a sliding door that you can use to separate the single bed from the TV area. What we didn't know however, was that there was another bathroom where the single bed was located!! There's wooden paneling on the walls opposite the bed and we thought it was just some tool closet or pipe closet that we don't get access too, because there was a clear handle but it wouldn't open. But it turns out that it was a separate bathroom, because when I was zipping up the suitcase, I accidentally dropped it and it hit the wood panel, pushing the door inwards. I was so shocked that there was another bathroom, because we tried hard to open what seemed to be a closet. The thing was, we had to push instead of pull open the door. God, we felt so stupid. We spent two nights not knowing that there was another bathroom. The room that we got was for three people, when I think about it now, it did seem odd that there was only two towel sets in the master bedroom's en suite, I had to call reception to get another set but all this time it was in the other bathroom which we had no idea about.

The secret doorway to the secret extra bathroom is more to the left of the wooden 'door'.

Kitchen and laundry.
There's also a laundry machine, gym, a swimming pool on the roof top and on level one where the gym is. The only thing about this apartment that I didn't quite like were the light switches. It took us awhile to get a hang of it all, it's all so modern, we had to press the opposite corners to turn on and off the lights. The view from the TV area is also so nice, we got this great view of other apartments and we'd watch people go about on their daily businesses and the buildings in Barcelona are all so warm and slightly rustic.

The view from our windows.

The whole of Passeig de Garcia is influenced by the famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi (more to come).

Guess which building is Suites Avenue?


For the first night in Barcelona, my mum wanted to eat seafood for dinner, because Spain is known to be famous for seafood. Our receptionist recommended this restaurant called Botafumeriro, which is about a ten minute walk from our apartment. It looks small from the outside, but it's actually huge in the inside and it looks like an old fashioned cruise boat on the inside. Totally reminded me of the movie The Titanic, all the waiters looked polished in their sea captain looking uniform. It's a great place for seafood lovers, because they do seafood so well and their famous for it. I didn't take much pictures, but the food was so fresh and tasty. We had, tuna tartar, scallops, octopus, seafood paella, smoked salmon and other seafood that I can't remember. The tuna tartar was so, so good! They were also kind to give us a plate of desserts, chocolate, sponge cake and almond biscuits. I really like the little tidbits they served on the tables, they came with chips!