Sunday, 2 February 2014

Ile de la Cite | The Saint-Chapelle

The outside of The Saint-Chapelle.
What I'm about to show you is one of the most beautiful things in Paris. This is the sort of place where it'll take your breath away, please, please go there, I think it's a must if you're in Paris. The place I'm talking about is The Saint-Chapelle, which is a beautiful Gothic chapel in the heart of Paris. I made a post the other day about the Paris museum and monument pass, and The Saint-Chapelle is one of many where you can get in for free and cut the queue if you have the pass. When you first get in, it's dimly lit, there's a souvenir store, a few intricate and colorful glass sainted-windows and beautiful decorative arches over a statue I assume is the Virgin Mary. Everyone seems to shut up when they enter, I guess it's because it's a holy place and the architecture just makes you speechless, which was the case for me.

The best bit is yet to come, there's a winding and super narrow staircase to the upper floor, and my God is the upper floor spectacular. It's brightly lit with with stained-glass windows that surround the whole floor. It's so colorful, intricate, beautiful and so unbelievable. There are thousands and thousands of colorful pieces of glass that are placed so delicately to create tall windows with religious motifs. From a far, the windows don't look like glass stories, but rather a kaleidoscope of colorful glass. I just can't believe that something like this exists. I find it super amazing and I absolutely love stained glass windows. I don't really know what else to say, my mind's a bit distracted. I'll let the photos do the talking.

If you look closely, the glass make depicts various motifs and stories from Christian belief.

The floors are beautiful too and concur with the glass windows.
The Saint-Chapelle also has amazing paintings on the walls.

When we went, The Saint-Chapelle was under renovation, so parts of the building was covered unfortunately.

They have an exit away from the entrance, and it gives you a chance to once again admire French architecture. The Saint-Chapelle is on a little island called Ile de la Cite, in the middle of the Seine River, Notre Dame is also on this little island. If you wanted to use the metro, you'd have to get of at Cite, but Paris is a very walkable city, the whole of Europe practically is.