Sunday, 23 February 2014

Buttery Goodness at Sherbet Maylands

Excuse my thumb.

Please stop whatever you're doing at the moment, drop everything and just go to Sherbet. Please, you won't regret it. I went here the other weekend for lunch with my mum, it was kind of a special outing because I'm starting uni soon and it's quite far away from where we live, in Maylands. When we stepped in to this bakehouse, the first thing I got a whiff of  buttery goodness and the scent of baked goods. The cafe's real small, and there's not much seating room, so many people opt for take away, which is also cheaper than dining in. We were lucky though as we found a spot near the counter. All the baked goods are displayed on cupcake tiers, platters and cake dishes so that you're able to look at what's on the menu and possibly drool. The funny thing about this place is that all the baked sweets on the counters don't have prices on them, so you won't know how much everything is until you've paid for everything.

We decided to share a main together and have two desserts after, which is a really good thing to do if you don't want to overload your stomach. For lunch we decided to have the spinach and ricotta tart that came with a mixed leaf salad. And my God, was it delicious. It came out all warm and toasted and with some relish. What made it so good was the pastry. You can tell that Sherbet doesn't take any shortcuts with making their pastries or exclude anything good out of it, ie. the butter. When cooking, a lot of people lessen the amount of butter they put in their dish so that it'll make it slightly less fatty, but Sherbet doesn't do that. You can tell by the flakiness, the crunch and the taste of the pastry that a good amount of butter has been put in there. Not a sickly amount, but a good hearty amount. I'm pretty sure all the ingredients they use are of high quality.

For dessert, we had one each. My mum had a rhubarb tart and I had a chocolate brownie. If anyone asks me what type of sweet thing do you like to eat, I always say brownie. There's just something about the decadent and chewy chocolate dessert that makes me unable to resist it. This is not the first time I've had something from Sherbet, my mum went there with my sister before and brought me back a chocolate and raspberry brownie. That was delicious. Soft, chewy, crunchy along the edges, moist and just so yummy!! The raspberries also helped cut through the heaviness of the chocolate. It provided a tartness to it, which was great, it means you can eat more. This time though, it was just a regular chocolate brownie, but it did not lack any magical qualities. It came with some sweetened cream, that was a nice condiment. It was buttery, chocolatey, and superb. I'm not sure if they have the raspberry version all the time, but if you're the type of person that can't eat heavy and filling desserts, you should go for the raspberry version.

My mum's rhubarb tart was also so good. The pastry was all buttery and crumbly which went super well with the tartness of the rhubarb. However, don't eat something super dense and sweet like a brownie before you eat this, because it'll just taste sour. Sherbet is pretty expensive. Even though they don't write down the prices, you're able to see how much it cost when the counter lady adds up your total bill. The rhubarb tart was about six-ish dollars, the brownie five-ish, the spinach tart was $13.00 for dine in and coffee was the same regular price, around four dollars. It's totally worth it. We also bought a salted caramel tart for my sister, that was about five-ish dollars, although it was pretty small, but delicious, creamy, sweet and salty and oh my God, so good.

I really liked the vintage blue cabinet and the SMEG fridge.I've always wanted a SMEG fridge! Can some pretty please buy it for me?

They also specialize in cupcakes, you can buy them from the counter or have an order put in for more. Sherbet is located in Maylands, which is pretty far from where we live. There are a couple of nice boutiques on the same road that we looked in after our meal. Things sold include vintage furniture, accessories, home decor and other things. Parking is quite hard, although I managed to park in a parallel parking spot, which took me forever. It's also hard to get out of because there's a traffic light up ahead and cars never let you through or give way.

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