Thursday, 27 February 2014

Barcelonian Food (Yay!)

I love food, and I love Spanish food. For our lunches and breakfast we would order typical Spanish foods, you know like churros, tapas and paella. Majority of the places we went to served Spanish food, someone were good, some were great and some were so-so. The thing with Barcelona is though, everything starts late. When I say that, I'm referring to the times they eat meals. It's super late. Like for dinner especially, lots of the restaurants only open at eight for dinner. To eat dinner at eight is seriously so late, I tend to eat around 6:30pm, so we got really hungry, while we waited for 8:00pm to come. When we turned up at a restaurant, there would be hardly anyone there or we would be the first ones there. We saw people coming in around 9:00pm and even later. I think what they do is that they don't have three meals a day, I think they eat maybe five times a day, but eat small meals. Compared to the locals at tapas bars, we ordered a lot. We'd order like six to eight tapas dishes, while the Spanish only ordered three to four to share. It seems like they just snack throughout the day on tapas, so that's why they have 'dinner' so late.

We had dinner at Tapa Tapa one night, which is a chain tapas restaurant.  I really liked how the menus came with pictures for all the dishes so that it made it super easy to order. Not that it's hard to communicate with the Spanish, majority of them speaking English very well. That night we ate, roasted vegetables, fried fish (totally recommend this, so simple and yum), risotto, grilled chicken and prawn (don't have a picture sorry!) and a rather sad looking seafood paella. A lot of the paellas that we ate in Barcelona were only mediocre. The paellas tasted like they've used a packaged soup stock or sauce.

We also ate lots of churros con leche, churros with chocolate! The churros we normally eat in Perth is from San Churro's, but it's completely different! The taste and texture is different, not in a bad way or anything, they both taste good in different ways, although I do prefer authentic churros from Spain. The churros we ate in Barcelona, were more moist, gooey and dense inside, and the chocolate they use is completely different from the chocolate you get at San Churros. Less sugary, slightly nutty in flavor and more milky. Absolutely love it. The churros we ate also came in a horseshoe shape or a tear drop shape, I'm not sure what the purpose of this was, but it made it easier to scoop and cover it with hot chocolate. Spanish hot chocolate is so thick, it's almost the same consistency as melted chocolate, because of this I'd use a spoon to drink it.

There was one cafe that stood out to me most, it was called Cafe and Te. The reason it stood out to me was because the sitting area was across the road from the actual cafe. The waiters had to cross a road to serve and take orders, which I though was really interesting and weird to see. The paella we had was the best one we had, and the churros con leche was so good too. We also ordered grilled chicken and prawns. We thought the prawns were going to come grilled but they were battered and deep fried, and not particularly nice. 

We stopped by this bakery and sweets shop after we went to the Picasso Museum. It's in the same alleyway as the super famous cafe called Quatre Gatz, the cafe that Picasso was known to hang out at. We bought several discs of chocolate covered nuts, dark chocolate with almonds, milk chocolate with macadamias and dark chocolate with macadamias. 

This restaurant is located on Las Ramblas. We stopped here for lunch and ate tapas, stuffed capsicum, potato croquettes, pâté with bread and other thing so can't remember. We also had some seafood soup, churros for dessert and a jug of sangria!