Monday, 27 January 2014

Sincerely Yours, The Breakfast Club

I absolutely loved this little place. We all did actually. Seeing as my brother lives in London, it came in handy for us because he was able to show us around and take us to cool places to eat like The Breakfast Club. This Breakfast Club is in Angel, about five minutes walk from the Angel Underground Station. It's actually a chain cafe (which came as a surprise to us), so they have several locations around London. It's a tiny yellow building that serves amazing breakfasts all day. It's really cozy and you're squished up to the person next to you, and there's isn't much elbow room and you can hear the next tables conversations if you wanted to.

The downside of going here is the waiting time. We waited outside for about half an hour (which is practically the standard waiting time for everything in London), but it was totally worth it. While waiting, you're also able to wander along the alleyways, which have small vintage stores and little market stalls.

The food was amazing. What we had, is something that you won't eat everyday, you can't really, or else you'd get obese. The reason I suppose is because we chose the unhealthy options. My sister and brother, chose the Pancake & Berries, which came with four pieces of pancakes, vanilla cream, maple syrup and different types of berries.  The thing with the pancakes is that it's not the usual fluffiness, it has this bite to it. It wasn't made out of just plain white flour, it has wholemeal or buckwheat, or something different in it that gave the texture.

My mum had the Pancakes & Bacon, which is pancakes, several rashes of bacon and maple syrup. Again, the the pancakes had that almost chewy texture to it. To say the least, she felt guilty that she consumed something so out of our normal eating habits. I think the three of us did, after, but it was worth it.

They always say balance is good, you know, not too much sun, but not too little sun etc. That was what I felt when I had my Bacon and Banana French Toast (with maple syrup). It was the balance of salty and sweet, that was great. I loved it. You know after a salty meal, you feel like eating something sweet? And you usually end up getting dessert? Well, to me, my breakfast was the main meal and dessert at the same time, because when it got too sweet, I'd just eat a piece of salty bacon and everything with just balance out, and vice versa. That was the same with the Pancakes and Bacon.

I think the 'healthiest' meal there that day was my brother's girlfriend breakfast, which was The Half Monty, which is bacon, sausage, eggs, beans, tomato and toasted multi-grain bloomer (toast). Don't have picture for it though sadly.

I also tried to compensate for the unhealthiness of my meal with a veggie smoothie. My sister and mum also had a mixed fruit smoothie.
The Breakfast Club also does lunch and dinner type foods, that are available after a certain time.

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 So if you're looking for something that will satisfy your cravings, definitely check this place out. It's in such a nice area too, just get off at Angel Underground and The Breakfast Club is a few minutes walk away.

I also have to note (again) the buildings are beautiful! The sky was blue that day with a few clouds, London's weather really made me appreciate and realize how lucky we are to have blue skies.