Wednesday, 22 January 2014

London Baby!

We left Perth in the afternoon and took an Air Asia flight to Kuala Lumpur for a stop over and then took Malaysian Airlines to Heathrow airport in London. As we took off, I had an amazing view of Perth from high above. You could see everything, the city, the ocean, Hilary's Marina and I'm pretty sure if you look closely you can spot individual houses. It's pretty amazing when you're high up in the air and what you see is actually below you and not some picture, it's hard to believe sometimes. The flight to KL, was five and a half hours long, with no TV set and only one meal (small but yummy), the flight was slightly boring, although I just took naps.

The flight from KLIA to Heathrow was about eleven hours. To me, it went quicker than I thought it would. I watched two movies and couple of TV shows, played games on my iPad, slept and ate. The view from the window is somewhere over Europe. I think the sun is setting. I love sitting next to the window.

When we got to London, I had urges to shout "London, baby!" every ten minutes, like how Joey did on the TV show Friends. One thing about England that I found strange was the sunrise and sunset times. The days are extremely short compared to Perth. The sun rises about eight-ish in the morning and the sun begins to set around four in the afternoon, if not earlier. Daylight is really limited in London, this especially doesn't mix well with jet lag. London is eight hours behind Perth, so our internal clocks were so messed up when we arrived in evening. My brother said that in order to get used to the time, you're supposed to stay up as late as possible, this however proved impossible for us.

For dinner, we grabbed some Japanese fast food from a chain restaurant called Wasabi. They sell, sushi, onigiris (rice balls), hot noodle soup, curry and other Japanese foods. We bought a sushi bento box and a chicken katsu curry. You see those big cylindrical pot things? Yeah, that's what our curry came in. That's a regular for about five pounds I think? It was jam packed with chicken katsu, rice and Japanese curry. So much in there.

The next morning, it was cloudy, rainy and cold, a stereotypical English day. We had breakfast at a chain cafe called Benugo in Waterloo Station and had coffees and sandwiches. There are A LOT of sandwiches in London.Waterloo Station is the closes station to where we were staying, which is right in the middle of everything. I love the stations here, Waterloo Station especially, because it's big, there's shops, cafes and convenience stores around and it's kind of open air, so you don't have to take off your coat but there's no wind to worry about. It's also huge! We walked around near by and saw Big Ben and Parliament House, all by the River Thames.

Just by walking around London, all the buildings and trees and just every aspect of it was so different and amazing. I felt like I was absorbing all this foreign culture, air and atmosphere just by standing there. Look at the buildings exterior! It's all so pretty and filled with some sort of grandeur.

 We also bought some Krispy Kreme doughnuts, two oringal glazed and one chocolate cookie doughnut. I swear these are everywhere except Perth. But then again, there's not much in Perth.

 I also decided to use the doughnuts as temporary glasses, cool huh?

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