Thursday, 23 January 2014

Christmas Markets in London

If I had to pick one thing that stood out the most to me in London, it would be the Southbank Christmas market. I think it's an annual sort of market where there are lots of German themed stalls that are propped up every festive season. It ran from 15th of November to the 10th of January, it's not super huge, it consist of maybe fifty stalls that sell foods like German Bratwurst, beer, mulled wine, churros and other delicious and aromatic foods. It's just along the Rive Thames, next to the London Eye. There's not only food stalls, there are also stalls that are great for buying gifts, Moroccan and Turkish dishes and bowls, fake snow (which feels awesome) and leather bags.

These Christmas wreathes are made from dried pieces of citrus fruits and cinnamon sticks. They were so aromatic and I though they were so homely and filled with warmth. You could smell them from miles away. I've never seen anything like this and I think they're just so great! So festive and warm looking.

There were roasted chestnuts, fancy fudge on sale and look how cute the little stalls are! And oh my God, the pink and flowery stall is a dream come true. They sell, coffee and Bailey's hot chocolate. They also have normal hot chocolate, but my God, Bailey's hot chocolate is good. The hot chocolate in Europe is so different to the ones you buy here. It doesn't tastes as sugary as it does in Perth, it's more mild and stronger in chocolate flavor, maybe because a lot places use actual chocolate instead of a syrup or powder. I think the cacao percentage is also higher, it tastes amazing.

Lots of festive themed sweets are available to buy.
Let's get to the food shall we? Our diet during our Europe trip was shocking, just saying. First up we have a German bratwurst. We bought it from this German food stall that sold Bratwursts and beer. It's 4.50 pounds for one German bratwurst. The atmosphere was amazing, there were so many sights and sounds and smells around. They grill the sausage on this giant circular grill in the middle, it's fast and efficient and piping hot when you take a bite.

They don't ask you, but there's a smaller size available (half a pint) for three pounds.

This place also sells imported German beer. They have this strawberry beer called Frulli which is pink in color and slightly sweet, totally recommend this to anyone who doesn't particularly like beer. Five pound I think for a pint.

Warning, standing near here may give you a slight fishy smell.

Here we have cedar planked salmon on the grill. We basically got a grilled (or is it smoked?) salmon roll with salad. The fire was great to stand next to too!

Sorry, for the blurry photo.
 A lot of markets in Europe sell churros, and I'm glad they do. So warm and tasty, and all the calories. Yay. It's three pounds for a cup of churros and chocolate sauce. 

Another note: the weather that day was cloudy, but it didn't rain. The lighting in many of the photos I took that day turned out great and brighter than it really was. I mean look at the clarity of the pictures! It looks so birght! Don't be so deceived though, it's pretty dark in the winter time.

We're so happy, this is my sister by the way. Can't believe I closed my eyes. Ah, I also bought a real nice Italian made leather bag for twenty five pounds from one of the stalls.

The very first picture at the top is The Hog Roast as well, they have two stalls in the market and they sell roast (Duh). We didn't know what to eat for dinner one night so we found ourselves in the Southbank market and decided to copy what everyone else seemed to be doing, eating meat. We bought a plate of roast pork that was shredded, the stuffing and roasted potatoes, on top of that we added sauerkraut, apple jam and mustard. My God, it was heavy and filling. We don't particularly eat that much meat at home, so this was a lot to take in. It was tasty though! We also had a glass of mulled wine, which is just hot spiced red wine, which cured my mum's sore throat and German strawberry beer, Frulli. A lot of the food and themes were from German origin, seeing as these festive Christmas markets were started there.
How nutritious right?

 This is also so, so amazing. It's a cinnamon roll. If you come across these and you think "Oh I'm just going to buy one for all of us to share in case we don't like it or it's not nice.", don't. Buy one each. We bought the caramel and pecan cinnamon roll and it was so good. Soft, warm, gooey in some bits, not overly or sickeningly sweet, it's great to have after a super salty meal like our plate of roasted pork.

This is the three of us, from left to right, my sister, my mum and me. Thank you to that random dude who took the photo for us! This is one of my favorite photo of us, we look so happy.