Thursday, 5 December 2013

Throw Back Thursday to Soaking Thai Sunglight and Sipping Coconuts by the Beach

Surat Thani, Thailand.

What I love to do somethings is relive memories by looking at old photos and seeing as I'm running out of ideas for blog posts until I leave for Europe in a few weeks, I thought I could do a throwbackthursday! So, I'm throwing back to the year 2012, where we went to Koh Samui, Thailand in the July holidays. God, this was a great holiday, you know those holidays where you just relax by the pool or the beach, go snorkeling, eat delicious food and sip coconuts all day long while soaking up the sunshine? Koh Samui was like this, hassle, free, worry free and stress free, it was just so relaxing. I usually find that travels to tropical countries and relaxing go well hand in hand together. I'm not sure why, perhaps it's the sun and water or the friendly locals, but every time I go to South East Asia, it's always relaxes me.

When in a tropical island, a fresh coconut is essential!

Koh Samui is one of many islands in the south of Thailand, there's an airport on the island or you can catch a boat from Surat Thani, which in our case we did. I can't particularly remember catching the boat though. We stayed at this wonderful resort called Bamburee Resort & Spa, which is in the south part of the island, away from the mainstream beaches, where people would go to for clubbing, drinking and partying. Which was nice, to be away from that sort of atmosphere. It's about half an hour ride in a car to the main town. We had breakfast everyday at the restaurant in the resort which had delicious food and the dinner menu was spectacular with the likes of pad Thai, green curry, springs rolls, oh my God, I'm craving Thai food so much right now. We would also go out to dinner around the area or the main town, everything just tastes amazing!

We went to go get drinks at this cute little cafe, it was so serene and beautiful, no noise and so quiet. The water and the sights were amazing to look at! All different sorts of tropical fish were painted inside the cafe.
The view from our table at the cafe.
The resort's beach is pretty shallow, although fills up at night time. You're able to walk out further during the day.
Can't be bothered to change this to portrait format, it looks nice however you look at it.
How ridiculous are these wires?!

The best part about this trip was going snorkeling with a couple of friends we met up with. We hired this big fancy boat that took us out of other near-by islands so we go swim and see all the marine life. It's amazing, what you can see in tropical waters. I still remember so clearly, it was daunting but beautiful. There were rainbow fish, sea anemones, urchins that I though were going to throw their death looking spikes at me and just so many fishes that were unbelievable colors. Don't get me started on the water either! It was crystal clear, so blue and fresh, you could see everything underneath you. It was truly amazing, something I'll never forget and something everyone must experience once in their life! I can't wait to do it again!

Being swarmed by these little guys were slightly scary and ticklish because they nibbled me due to the boat guy who kept throwing food around me. Nevertheless, it was awesome!!

Ah, how beautiful is Mother Earth and the creatures she holds?

During our snorkeling trip we stopped by a neighboring island to have lunch at this cute restaurant. Pad Thai and mango smoothies are a great combination.
The water was so cool and refreshing, thank God.
We also stopped by Surat Thani on our way back to Perth for two nights. It was really nice to see what Thailand is really like without all the commercialism, Surat Thani, is not really a place people would go for a holiday. However, I did like it, the locals were friendly, the food slightly different from the mainstream Thai food we usually get and it was simple lifestyle. The night market was great too, so alive with scooters, Tuk Tuk's, sizzling foods and drinks.

Get this, this old Thai lady sells bowls of hot noodles on her little boat. It's like a mobile kitchen on the rivers in Surat Thani, she chops vegetables, uses a fire stove and assembles delicious noodles all on this risky boat. All the locals buy noodles from her, tastes good and it's so cheap!

Love, love all the tropical fruits at the Surat Thani night markets.

Papaya salad is a must when visiting Thailand!!

This is where we had dinner one night, I adore street food, sometimes I rather live on street food than high-end meals, everything is yummy, fast and cheap.

They do have English menus, don't worry!

We had a sweet snack after walking around, this is steam bread with pandan sauce and the drink is like teh tarik from Malaysia, a super sweet (from condensed milk) milk tea.

Tuk Tuk, Thailands form of taxi and cultural icon!

Slightly endangers your life, however, it's fast, cheap and fun. It's all about the experience.

We did not want to leave the country, but like all holidays do, it ended. Can not wait till we go back, I need my tropical vacations.