Friday, 13 December 2013

Summer Breakfast at Voyage Kitchen

I've done a post on Voyage Kitchen in Sorrento a few months ago on a brunch I had with my friends, although that wasn't much of a review because it was just a quick post. But, today I went to Voyage again, with my friend Nicole for breakfast and as usual it was great! Service was friendly, the food came out so fast and the coffee and food was good and fresh. Seeing as it was a Wednesday morning that we went, it was still busy, but we didn't have to wait long for a table outside under the shade. My friend is gluten intolerant, which makes Voyage a great place for people with special dietary requirements.

For breakfast I had the Voyage Breakfast Board which is a board of zucchini fritters, smoked salmon and lemon sour cream, a cute brioche bun with tomato relish and a poached egg and a pot of yoghurt with berry compote and crushed nuts. It was delicious! It made me full, you know that good 'full'? Where you feel sustained or something. The portions were great and everything just tasted so good. Pretty sure I had a serving of vegetables to, there was rocket and salad leaves scattered. I thought the brioche slider was super cute!! It resembles a mini burger, couldn't get over the cuteness of it. The yoghurt could've been colder, but nevertheless it was yum. Also had a flat white, which was good, slightly weak though.

Nicole decided to have the gluten free version of Norma's Salsa which is gluten free toast, wilted spinach, poached eggs, roasted cherry tomatoes and avocado.

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After breakfast we drove to Hilary's Marine to Walk around and around and window shop. We also dropped by the local shops to buy icy poles and juice. I bought a Charlie's Pineapple Crush from the cafe opposite the IGA, it was $4.50! I thought that was super over priced for a 500mL bottle of juice. It's not 100% juice, it has juice in it, but also water and sugar. There's nothing 'bad' in it, it's all natural. Besides from being over priced and not really 'juice', Charlie's drinks are always so thirst quenching! Especially in today's heat! It tastes good and it cooled me off. I can't tolerate heat very well, so it was great to cool down with the drink.