Monday, 9 December 2013

December's Instax Throw Back to Christmas 2011

In celebration of the festive season, this month's monthly Instax photo is a lovely picture of my Christmas tree in 2011. We decided to decorate the tree with DIY decorations. It was my mum's idea of making these chiffon paper puffs, I'm not sure what to call them. It's an inexpensive way of decorating and we had loads of fun making them ourselves. They're made out of tissue paper, not the kind to blow your nose, but the ones you can buy at craft stores to use as wrapping paper or to fill a box that is too big for the present you're giving. We replaced tinsel for white ribbons of lace and also added some silver baubles that we already had. That year, I received a lovely beaded box clutch for my Year 12 ball that was to come the year after this photo was taken.