Saturday, 16 November 2013

Beaufort Street Festival Perth 2013

Today is the Beaufort Street Festival, in the 36 degree weather, with the Perth sun glaring upon us we made our way to the packed once a year festival. Trying to park was horrible, with countless cars parked in random places and not to mention road closures and detours. It was great though, so much food, people, shopping and entertainment. 

There were many food stalls, Indian, Colombian, Mexican, German, Chinese and many other types of foods, although there weren't many clothes and jewellery stores. They did however, have Kawaii Girls and Miss Brown Vintage which seem to be quite popular among the youth of Perth, with their 'vintage' and 'one of a kind' clothing. 

The great thing about this festival is that all the stores along Beaufort Street are open to the public and have special prices just for the festival. We stopped by a furniture store called Kartique, which sell furniture that are from South East Asian countries. I bought a beautiful, white leather journal for $35.00, which according to my sister, is super cheap compared to the prices at this other shop in Leederville that sell the same books. I bought the bigger size, they had a smaller version which was priced at $30.00. I think this journal will be great when I go to Europe in December (about 5 weeks to go!!), I've been wanting to start a daily journal again, because I used to do it all the time when I was younger. I think it's a good idea, and I just love to read my old entries as a pubescent teenager, it makes me laugh. The store inside is great, there's an outdoor part too where I took the picture with all the hanging decorations.

We also bought a pack of Chai Baba's Masala Chai from Kartique, after trying a gold coin donation sample in the store. It's delicious, it's milky and spicy which I find so weird. The gold coin donation also go to animal sanctuaries in India, I think that's what the lady said. The pack was $12.00 for 150g. 

For lunch, we had samosas from Gogo's Madras Curry House, three for $5.00, and they were big! It came with two types of chutneys, the green one was a yoghurt with coriander and the red one was a slightly spicy sauce. We also chowed down, char siew duck buns, two for $10.00, from The Fat Dragon stall, that was good too. I just wanted to eat everything from all the stalls! Everything looked so yummy! For drinks, we bought a raw fruit juice that had coconut, apple, pinaple and lime and we also bought three fresh drinking coconuts from the Fresh Provisions stall, both were extremely thirst quenching especially in the Australian heat. 

They're so good! I know, I know the photo doesn't look very appetizing, but it was! I'm pretty sure it was vegetarian, with mushy potatoes and Indian spices. I decided to take home my coconut and attempt to break it open so that I can eat the coconut itself. I haven't haven't had a fresh coconut in ages! I thought it was really worth it for $3.00, there was another stall down Beaufort street that was selling them for double the price!

After we walked the whole stretch of Beaufort Street we decided to go home. All the soaked up sun has made me tired but in a floppy, relaxed kind of way. We've also made a huge pot of chai, that we're going to drink cold later. If anyone reading this, you still have time, the festival started at noon but only ends at 9:00pm, bring a hat, sunglasses and don't forget to apply sunblock if the suns still up!