Friday, 25 October 2013

Wine, German Food for the Soul, Free Tastings and Cheese in The Swan Valley

Last week on Friday we made a trip to The Swan Valley. It was a great day, with great weather, sights and food. We stopped by a few places the first one being Lancaster Winery. While my mum and her friend tasted different wines I took some photos. It's a really nice winery, peaceful, natural and bright.

We also stopped by Edgecombe Brothers to have a cup of coffee, there was this lonely indifferent horse near the vineyards.

Another great place to go is The Magaret River Chocolate Factory, because who doesn't love free samples of white, dark and milk chocolate buttons? My favorite thing to eat there is the macadamia milk chocolate cluster. They're pretty expensive, $3.95, but seeing as it's usually a rare occasion that we find ourselves in the chocolate factory, it's worth buying and enjoying it. Recently they've built a new building right next to The Magaret River Chocolate factory, Providore and Coward & Black. Providore has some amazing, chutneys, jams, curds and other condiment like things in jars. The best thing about it is that that have free samples of all their products. They all taste so good. I ended up buying the lemon curd at $13.95 for my sister, because she's in love with lemon curd pastry. Coward & Black is a winery that belongs to the same group as Providore.

For lunch we went to Elmar's In The Valley a German food and beer restaurant. We decided to get three things and split it between us. We ordered the sirloin steak, Elmar's caeser salad, vegetarian pasta and potato skin fries. All the food was great! I normally don't like caesar salads, but this one was so good. Thee potato skin fries were also amazing, they were oily but not soggy. Obviously not good for your body but I guess it's good for your soul. So good! We also had a beer sample set which came with various different types of German beer that they brew on site and a lemon lime and bitter.

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We also went to The Cheese Barrel that only opened last year, it's this real cute and modern building surrounded by open air and trees. This was a nice place to relax and wind down. Note: They don't make their own cheese, they import all sorts of cheeses from around the world.