Monday, 14 October 2013

Smoothies at the Beach

I went for a lovely walk to the beach down the road with my sister this morning. The weather was so lovely, not a cloud in sight, it was slightly chilly with the breeze but the Australian sun just warms everything up. My sister made us smoothies to drink down at the beach and we took some instant photos with our Instax camera. It's still too cold to go for a swim and the waters were slightly dirty, with debris, dead seaweed, lots of moss etc, but nevertheless it was great to be on the beach again after such a long time. I can't wait to go swimming again!

At the moment, our family's going through a smoothie phase. We tend to go through various phases, like the Mexican food phase we went through, soy milk phase, vegetarian phase, toasted sesame with black rice phase and so on. We've been making smoothies almost every third day, today my sister made a smoothie that we're currently loving.

The ingredients are:
Frozen strawberries
Soy milk
Low-fat Greek yoghurt

It's super healthy and delicious especially on the beach! It can look pretty unappetizing, a bit like watery clay but, it tastes amazing. Here's my super tanned sister holding the smoothing like it's the Holy Grail.