Wednesday, 30 October 2013

NEW | Monthly Instax Instant Photograph

I thought of doing something new, like a weekly or monthly post so that it'll urge me to keep up with my blogging. I know my blog isn't very popular and most of my traffic sources are spam sites like that vampire one (note: do not click the link to their website), but I've always liked documenting my life or interesting moments because someday in the future I would like to come back and revisit the things I got up to. 

The new something that I thought of doing was a monthly post on a Instax photo that I have taken and write a little paragraph about the photo. An Instax photo is a instant photo taken from an Instax camera, which is an instant camera made my Fujitsu. That sounds a bit like a tongue twister. I love, love instant photos because the result is unpredictable and always different from any other photograph. It's a pretty expensive hobby to uptake because one photo, which is a size of a credit card, costs you at least $1. A pack of film costs around $10 and comes with ten photos. But to me, it's all worth it.

This is my four year old Akita, Nanako or Nana. Not pronounced like the synonymous word grandmother, but pronounced the Japanese way hence being a Japanese name meaning lucky number seven. I'm not quite sure when I took this photo, I think 2012. Nana has a tendency of getting to over-excited and over-friendly when it comes to people and dogs. Because of her size, people and dogs tend to think she's attacking them, but no she's not, she's just trying to play with you. Her special talent is talking to you. Not barking or howling, it's slightly different although similar to howling. She usually does this if you ignore her, haven't pet or seen her in a while or in the morning when you're getting her food. I love her so much, I'm so glad we have her.