Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Miley Cryus | Bangerz, Bangerz.

Currently, I'm non-stop listening to Miley Cyrus's new album Bangerz. On my iPod, on the CD player and in my car. It's amazing. I have to admit, since her 'transformation' or what she calls 'The Movement', I was a bit skeptical of how her music was going to turn out. I was a hater, years and years ago when she was on Hannah Montana but quickly grew to be a fan. You have to admit, hater or not, that she has an amazing voice that actually sounds exactly the same live and on her CD's. I saw her concert in 2011 at Burswood, this was her 'Can't Be Tamed' phase, not only is she a good performer but a great, great singer. Her new album Bangerz, is totally different to what she has done in the past years and I'm so glad she has taken this path. All sixteen songs on her new album is perfection. The CD is surprisingly mixed with variety, dance songs, techno, there's still a bit of country, ballads and so on. You have to listen to it! If I had to choose three songs for you to listen to, I'd choose the first track Adore You, #GETITRIGHT and Do My Thang. These three songs really showcase the difference in Bangerz. Do My Thang, however, if you're going to listen to it, the second verse kind of scared me when I first listened to it, but it was so entertaining.