Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Eating Out Around Perth

I haven't blogged in over a month and that's pretty sad, I need to really learn determination on how to keep going on certain things, like updating my blog. Anyway, every since I came back from Japan at the end of August, I haven't really found anything worthwhile to blog about. Also the fact that I was suffering from post-holiday depression for about two weeks, I couldn't be bothered to do anything, including blogging. It's pretty silly really, but I think everyone feels that sort of sadness  after they come back from an awesome trip. I just have to forward to what's going to happen soon and the next trip I'm going to go on! Which is scarily close if I think about it, mid-December me, my mum and sister will my flying off to Europe! I'm beyond ecstatic to go!! We'll be going for about three weeks and will be flying to London first and we're also planning to make trips to Paris and Barcelona!

Anyway, I've been trying to search ideas on what to blog on so I decided to blog on the places where I've gone to go eat. The first place, we went to for dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Mt. Hawthorn called Halu (春花). It's a small place with super yummy food, this restaurant is one of my favourites to go to for dinner. With the four of us, it added up around fifty dollars each for eight dishes.It's not traditional, traditional Japanese, it's more modern and slightly fusion. The tofu salad was amazing, it had this crunchy egg thing and it was just great. We also had this sliced beef. I think it was beef. That was good too. We also had prawns, and for dessert we had a creme caramel and Japanese green tea flavored frozen yoghurt. All the photos came out pretty weird, I think it was because of the dark lighting and I took all of these on my iPhone.

Another place I love to go for lunch is Boho Espresso in Scarborough. What we ordered was called Boho Avo I think. It was really simple, toasted ciabata bread, avocoda, pepper, salt, lemon and this cream cheese thing. It's actually a breakfast option, (breakfast ends around 11:30), but since it was only around noon we were able to get it. We also ordered a chocolate brownie, which was crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. I also had my usual Ooh La La smoothie which has bananas and different types of berries. The only downside of this place is that there's a bus stop right in front, because it can get slightly noisy when they come around, but it makes Boho so easy to get to.
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The other place we went to, my brother, mum and I was The Greenhouse on St. George's Terrace in the Perth CBD. The Greenhouse has potted plants covering the whole structure of the cafe, specializing in recycling and organic foods. They even grow their own herbs! We went there for breakfast and I had the cabbage and shiitake dumplings in a broth with a poached egg, my brother had scrambled eggs on toast and my mum has muesli. I wouldn't really call my dumplings, 'dumplings' because what dumplings is to me is different to what I got on my plate. At Chinese dim sum places, a really popular dish is the steamed pork buns, what I got at The Greenhouse were three miniature versions of this, made out of wholemeal flour and tasted super healthy. I really liked the French posters that were pasted up inside. The unique thing about The Greenhouse however in my opinion are the bathrooms. The walls are covered in doodles, comments, quotes and conversations. You're free to write whatever you want with whatever you want, like lipstick, marker pens etc. It was amusing, reading what people had to write.The restaurant was also filled with business men, although I question why they were there seeing as it wasn't lunch hour and it was during typical work hours.

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I also made a strawberry shortcake from scratch!