Thursday, 24 October 2013

Brunch at Sayers Leederville, Perth

I went for brunch again! This time it was with my my mum and her friend who visit her on holiday, at Sayers in Leederville. I love, love this place, the food especially. The food's is what I would call modern Australian cafe food, which I have a love for. The portions are really big and made me really full. I had the croquettes made of corn, spec and pecorino with poached eggs, spinach and lemon preserve tomato jam. It was great, and seeing as it was deep fired, the croquettes were actually quite light and not oily at all. I couldn't taste much lemon in the jam but nevertheless the tomatoes were great to cut through the croquettes flavors. 

Here's a glimpse of Sayers and their breakfast menu. My mum had the crepe with rocket, sweet potato and pine nuts while her friend had the potato rosti, I think? For something sweet we had a cinnamon poached pear cake that was not made out of wheat flour, it was made out of cornmeal and it was really crumbly.

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