Saturday, 31 August 2013

Summer | Fuji Safari Park in Japan


I also went to Fuji Safari Park, which is located near Mount Fuji. On clear days you're able to see a brilliant view of Mount Fuji, unfortunately this wasn't the case for us, although we could see the outline of the mountain. It was a really cloudy but hot day when we left for Fuji Safari Park at 6:30am, we reached there around 8:00-ish and the first thing we did was buy tickets to hold a baby lion later that day. There's a limited amount of tickets that can be bought at a price of 500 Yen at a ticket vending machine. There are two options to chose from at the safari park, you can either jump on to a gated tour bus or you can drive through the safari in your own car. We chose to use our own car, as there was hot weather that day. It was really great, watching animals that weren't behind glass windows or gates, although there was a short wire fence in the carnivore zone.

All the animals were pretty relaxed and all they did was slowly walk around, sleep, stare at on-coming cars and laid down. I think it was the hot weather, I saw a giant bear sitting in a water bath trying to cool off while staring at all the driving cars. There are also alpacas, llamas and goats that walk across roads and come up real close to the windows of your car. It was great! Although I really wanted to wind down the windows to take better pictures, but that was against the rules. There are also other animals outside the safari area, like hippos, panthers, kangaroos and capybaras. There's also the usual petting zoo and there are also places you can go and basically rent dogs and cats for like an hour. You pet dogs and take them for walks around this small park, I thought it was strangely interesting.

The greatest moment however was holding the baby lion, I can't describe how adorable the baby was. She was tiny, furry, warm and so, so cute. She was so sleepy too, she almost fell asleep while pictures were being taken. My arms are positioned so strangely for some reason. Ah! She was adorable, I wanted to take her home.

For lunch, we ate a one of the cafes on site, I had a Mout Fuji Curry, the only thing Mount Fuji about it was that the rice slightly resembled the structure of Mount Fuji and I had vichyssoise. I also snacked on milk ice-cream, mango snow ice that just melts in your mouth and lion shaped cakes called castella.

After going through the safari zone once again and looking at the other animals, we left and went to a lake near Mount Fuji and went on to a paddling boat. It was fun, although slightly dangerous, there was this white swan that kept coming closer to us, it was daunting really, with it's beak and all. There's also lots of koi fish in the lake. We also saw the outline of Mount Fuji.