Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Weekend: Miyazaki Film, Donuts, Biscuits and Barbeque

I didn't get up to much last weekend, but I did go watch Miyazaki Hayao's new anime called Kaze Tachinu, in English the title is called The Wind Rises. It was really confusing as I couldn't understand some bits, but I did get the story line. It's not a kids movie, it doesn't have the same comedic feel as other Studio Ghibli films like, Totoro, The Cat Returns, Howl's Moving Castle, etc, it has a more serious element to it. It was really good, I totally recommend it to anyone. The movie is basically about this boy whose passion is building planes, there's a love story intertwined within as well. The film switches back and forth between dreams and reality and I really liked that bit. Another cinematic part of the anime I liked was how the earthquake was visually presented. 

Before the movie we snacked on donuts from a little place called Hara Donuts at the station. They make the most amazing donuts ever, this is coming from a person who rarely likes donuts nor eats them. All of their donuts cane be seen as a healthier version of the usual donut, because they use whole wheat flour, soy milk and okara which is soy bean pulp. All these different ingredients makes the donut have an unusual but good texture. The flavors and sweetness are also kept to a minimum and are subtle. So far I've had the original donut, no toppings or anything, just the most simplest one and it was really good. It's perfect for when you crave something sweet after dinner. I've also had the dark chocolate one, still subtly sweet and there are hints of mint inside the dough which I really liked. I can't wait to go back and buy some more. They sell ice-cream too!

We also went to the department store, guess where? The food basement! It's basically a whole floor dedicated to food. Not restaurants or the food court, but food that you buy and bring home. It varies from, deep fried foods, to cookies, to sake to everything. I bought some biscuits, right to left: Hato Sabure, a butter cookie in the shape of a pigeon, Han Getsu, a wafer with green tea and red bean flavored cream and Langue De Chat Citron, a lemon cookie with white chocolate and lemon zest cream in the middle. They all taste so so good! Japan has so many of these things, biscuits and little snacks.

On Sunday, we had a barbeque outside. It's been a while since I've had a barbeque, so it was really nice, especially with the cool weather we had on Sunday. Eating outside always makes me feel good, I don't know what it is but it just makes me more content I suppose. And we used charcoal for the fire too which is always great.