Monday, 15 July 2013

Sunday: Taro Okamoto Museum of Art and Kawasaki Municipal Science Museum

On Sunday, my great-aunt and uncle took me to the Taro Okamoto Museum of Art and the Kawasaki Municipal Science Museum. First we went to the museum which also had a planetarium, where we were able to look in to a huge telescope and look at the sun and this golden star. It was pretty interesting, looking at the sun, because I thought it would blind you or something, but I think there was a filter. The sun was basically this giant red dot with several flicks indicating fire, amazing really. I find it so fascinating that you're able to view stars during the day, there was this shiny golden star in the sky. The Kawasaki Science Museum also has a constellation viewing dome where the stars were projected up on this huge canvas, showing what kind of constellations there are above Japan. It was super pretty and realistic, however we weren't allowed to take photos inside the dome. I almost fell asleep due there being no lights, calming music being played, reclined chairs and a big canvas of stars above. We also get to see how the moon goes through it's phases and the moving planets and stars made me feel like I was in space or something. I've never been to a planetarium before and it's so interesting, just to see the constellations made up of stars, it really looks like you're staring up at the night sky, although the sky shown in the dome was the view on top of Mt Fuji. You can rarely see many stars at night time, with all the light pollution, only in country like or super natural places. The only time I've seen the night sky covered with stars is that time my family and I went down to Pemberton, the sky was just amazing. There were no lights at where we were staying so we couldn't really see anything except the stars, it was breathtaking really, and a little sad to recognize that you rarely see such a beautiful sight because of city lights and all.

Adjacent to the planetarium dome, there's a museum of animals and insects. Lots of taxidermy, everything is so real that it looks fake. There were birds, bugs, frogs, racoons and mice. So many stuffed animals, it creeped me out a little because their beady little eyes were constantly watching me. I was really scared that it would start moving suddenly or twitch. Everyone who knows me well knows that I have a morbid fear of bugs, butterfly, ladybugs, flies etc, they all scare me and I hate them all. Name any bug, I am sure I will hate it. All the preserved butterflies and crickets and beetles were interesting yet I'm glad they are behind glass and not moving. There were even frogs and fish that were preserved! They looked like plastic toys! I felt slightly sorry for the animals though. On the other hand, the layout and presentation of the species was really pretty I though, because of all the white and glass, everything looked so fresh, which is ironic.

 After the museum we head towards Okamoto Taro Museum of Art which is dedicated and hold many artworks by the famous Japanese abstract artist Okamoto Taro. He's like the Picasso of Japan, super famous and talented. Many of his paintings are done in oil and feature vibrant and clashing colors of abstract work and many avant-garde sculptures that make the mind think. We weren't allowed to take any photos in the museum but look up his work, it's pretty interesting. Here are some of his works outside the main museum.

Please ignore my face.
After we had lunch at the cafe at the museum, I had curry with red bean rice, salad and a glass of iced coffee.

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