Monday, 1 July 2013

Food, food, food in Japan

I love a good food post, I love eating food, taking photos of food and then looking at the pictures. Here are some of the things I've eaten and seen.

I have a bit of a sweet tooth and another thing, I love crepes. In Japan there are plenty of crepe stores around with a wide variety of choices. The one that I chose had, whipped cream, bananas, chocolate sauce and a chocolate brownie, it was on sale because it was the 29th of June, only 290 Yen ($3.20), usually it would be 430 Yen I think. The reason it was on sale is complicated, but I'll try to explain it nevertheless. In Japanese, crepe is pronounced as 'kurepu', and the two numbers of the 29th is 'ni' number 2 and 'kyu'  number 9, which is synonymous with 'ku'. The reason the crepe was on sale was because the work 'kurepu' has 'ku' in it which corresponds to the nine 'kyu/ku' in that date. Funny huh? The 29th was also cheap meat day, all the cuts of meat at the supermarket were discounted for the same reason crepe's were discounted. Meat in Japanese is 'niku', when you separate this word into 'ni' and 'ku', you're saying two and nine. So 'niku' is in some ways two and nine, which is the same as the date, meaning cheaper meat. Weird right? I hope you can understand that. 

Japanese shopping centers dedicate an entire section to food, usually sweets, baked goods like cakes, biscuits etc. Here you can get lots of pretty little cakes that are great for tea time and whatsoever. The cakes are usually sliced for you and are daintily presented. Aren't they pretty?

There's also this thing called 'takoyaki', which are octopus ball things. Not actually octopus testicles, if they have any, but ball shaped things with octopus in them. At my aunty's house we decided to make it ourselves, which turned out great. Trust me, it tastes really good, even though you might think it looks weird. We used, octopus, batter, ginger (I think it was pickled?), cheese, fried tempura batter and something else I can't remember. It turned out really well! Here are the steps it went through. It's super fun to make too.

All these photos must make me look like an unhealthy person, but just remember that I didn't eat all of this in one day and that I was eating with other people and I walk and stand a lot during the day, which compensates for the calories, I think anyway. If you haven't judged me on my eating habits yet, look at this photo of noodles.

We made way too much! I'm actually laughing at how absurd this photo looks. It's called 'yakisoba' by the way, and tastes really good. All these photos are in a period of two weeks! I'm seriously taking advantage of food in Japan.