Sunday, 30 June 2013

Update | Waseda University and Getting There

It's been about a week since my last post and in that post I said that I would later do a food post, which I didn't, because I'm lazy and I have no time. I will eventually get to it, I'm just not sure when that time is. Anyway, I've been in Japan for about two weeks now and I have to say how quickly those two weeks went by. I've already finished a week of my Japanese intensive course and it doesn't seem as though as I have. The course I'm doing goes for six weeks, consists of two classes, a skill based subject and an intensive Japanese class. I'm so luckily that my classes only begin at 10:40am, meaning that I'm able to avoid the morning rush hour. Orientation was daunting, but everyone is just so nice. I've met so many different people from around the world, like America, Canada, Taiwan and Indonesia and they're all so culturally interesting, if that makes sense? I'm the youngest one there and the only one not in university though which differentiates me and the others. Each day of the week I have a different teacher for the same subject and in different buildings on campus, the skill based subject goes for an hour and a half and the intensive one goes for three hours, which surprisingly, goes fast. My classes end at 4:15pm but I only get back around 6:00pm. Commuting in Japan, takes time, especially since I live about and an hour away from Shinjuku, where Waseda is. I walk a lot, and climb a lot of stairs.

Here are some random pictures of the campus, I'm not sure who the man is, probably a founder or a professor, and the building I think is a  theater of some sort?

I'm getting used to the amount of people here, on a certain level I hate crowded spaces but at the same time it's nice to be walking on a street and having other people walk about as well, you're never alone really, there's always someone there.I don't like walking in empty streets, because there's something daunting and scary about it, in Perth, after a certain time, there's no one visible, because everyone's at home or inside a building, everything is closed off, but in Japan there's always other people walking to get home or  getting something to eat or whatever, regardless of the time. On my way to uni, I have to transit in Shinjuku station, which is one of the major train stations in Japan, it's always busy and always swarming with people. I still can't get over the fact that there can be that many people in one small space.

This is what I face on the opposite platform every morning, but it can get much busier than this, (ie. the morning rush).

Anyway, this is a pretty nonsense post, just a mere update, I promise I will do a food post and a post on what I did today, stay tuned!