Saturday, 22 June 2013

Tokyo Trains | Waseda | Food | Meiji Shrine

It's been a week since I came to Japan and I can't believe it has already been so long, it just goes to show  that my time here will go by quick. On Wednesday, I moved from my aunty's house to my great-aunty's house so that I'll be closer to the main city where I'll be going to school. Besides from my bed being rock hard, everything has been good. It's quieter here and more natural in a way that there are more trees and birds, in comparison to my aunty's house. I finally got internet access on to my own laptop, so now I can blog properly! 

 So, basically, the whole reason I'm in Japan by myself is to become better at speaking Japanese and become more independent and so on. Tomorrow, I have my orientation day. I'll be attending a summer language course at Waseda University in Shinjuku. It's not a university degree or anything, just a summer course that runs for six weeks. Yesterday my great-aunt and I did a test run on how to get there, so I know what train to take and what time to leave the house. In short form, I have to walk, take a train, take another train and then walk or take a bus, this is for the morning. To come back to the house, I have to walk, take a train, take another train, take a bus and then walk. So we calculated that in order to get there on time, I have to leave the house by 7:00AM, since school would start at 9:00AM. It doesn't necessarily mean it takes two hours to get there, it could be shorter if I take an express train, but apparently those are jammed packed with rush hour people, I might not fit on. To me, leaving the house at 7:00AM is too early! But what can I do? We didn't go during rush hour yesterday, but it was still busy. 

The train system here is incredible and so, so confusing. So here's a picture of the rail way. This isn't all of it, it's just the Tokyo route map that shows the tracks around the capital city and the cities around it.

Sorry the quality isn't that good! But look how, complicated, busy, intertwining, long, confusing and incredible is it! The station I have to walk to in the morning to catch the train to Shinjuku isn't even on there. I can't even begin to imagine what rush hour on a Japanese train would be like. My great-aunt showed me the way in Japanese and broken English, which train to catch, what bus to get on to, what train line to use and which gates to exit and enter. It's so confusing, but I hope it's stored in to my brain. She's going to come with me again tomorrow for orientation, which I am so nervous for by the way. On Monday I have to do this myself. Oh my God.

On another note, yesterday I had a teriyaki chicken burger at Freshness Burger, Japanese burgers tend to be on the smaller side, nevertheless it was yummy and soft.

It doesn't look that appetizing because there seems to be a lot of ugly lighting in Japan, or maybe it's my phone, but it was good and small. It was 350 Yen ($3.90).

I made a post the other day and I mentioned going out with one of my friends, but I was using a laptop that didn't show the 'add a picture' icon. After having lunch, we went to Harajuku and walked through the main street and we took a walk through park shrine area, I think it was called Meiji Shrine. Anyway here are some photos I took. It's a lovely place to take a walk because it's cool with all the shade.

Look at all the sake! Sake is rice wine/spirits for those who don't know, it's easy to drink because it has a really mellow taste. All the sake is donated by different people/places as an offering to the Gods, hence being a shrine.

Lot's of tourists come here as well as local people. There's a train station next to this shrine and across the road is Takeshita-dori, the main street of Harajuku where you often see people dressed up in cosplay. Disappointingly, I didn't see any thing extravagant.

Well that's all for now, I'm going to make a food post later.