Thursday, 13 June 2013

Lunch at Chinta and Tomorrow

I have a habit of eating out, I love eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with friends and family at different places. Most of my spending goes in to eating out, can you believe it? One of my favorite places to eat and buy things is a cafe and store called Chinta in Doubleview. I went here yesterday for a late lunch and enjoyed it very much. The cafe bit of Chinta is quite small, it consists of the courtyard in front and a few tables in front of the kitchen. There's also the store section where they sell various things such as clothes, tableware, garden decorations and interior decorations imported from places such as Bali. 

For lunch I had the chicken quesadilla and an iced coffee and my mum had a savory muffin with a latte. The atmosphere of the place is really relaxed because of the water features and the tropical trees and plants that slightly envelop the courtyard outside, giving shade and greenery. I'd love to own a cafe like this in the future, with their mixed matched tables and chairs.

Chinta on Urbanspoon 

On another note, today is my last day in Perth, because I leave for Japan tomorrow morning. I've got some trouble with my suitcase though because, I weighed it and it was two kilos over the limit and I swear I have barely anything in it! I'm really hoping once my suitcase is ridden of the gifts for my family in Japan that it'll have space, so that I can buy things. I am not looking forward to the twelve hour flight, but I am excited to see my family again. I am super nervous and I hope everything goes well. There's still so many things to do! I'm going to start panicking and stressing out towards the night, I can already feel it coming on. My next post will probably be written in Japan, how exciting! Hopefully I can find some wifi and get on to Blogger and use my Tumblr.