Monday, 17 June 2013

Japan is Another World

Yay, I'm blogging from Japan! It's my third day here, not including the flight, which took up a whole day, and all I can say is how full I am. Seriously, I swear I'm full all the time, just constantly eating since I got here, although that's because my grandmother keeps offering (forcing) me food and drinks every half an hour. My flight was super boring, all I did was try to sleep and read. So far, nothing spectacular has happened, all I've done since I got here, besides Sunday, is eat, relax and watch TV with my family here. On Sunday I met up with one of my friends in Tokyo. She's one of my oldest friends and I also met up with a school mate that I haven't seen for six years! We went out for lunch and had okonomiyaki, which is like this omlette thing with vegetables, I'm a horrible explainer. After, we went to Harajuku to the main street Takeshita-dori and had crepes. We also went for a walk in the Meiji shrine area, which was great because it was nice and cool from the shade. I took photos to upload but the computer I'm using doesn't seem to have the 'add a picture' icon, so hopefully I'll be able to do it later on my own laptop. Today, I went shopping and I just have to mention that everything is so nice and pretty, the clothes, shoes, bags, stationery and other things that you can buy. Everything is just so, buyable. Is that a word? I just want to buy everything! We only went for a few hours so I couldn't look at all the shops, I don't know what's wrong with me, because I didn't end up buying anything. But I will, when I go back and have a longer look. Today, for lunch, I had warm soba and oyakodon, which is egg and chicken on top of rice. You guys probably don't know what it is, but it tastes really, really good.  I wish I had a photo for reference!

Everything is just to different to Perth. You can't really compare Japan and Perth though becuase the differences are just ridiculous. The shopping centre that I went to today for instance is a four storey complex, featuring international brands such as Zara and H&M, a movie theatre, supermarket, countless shops and restaurants (not including the food court), which is all next to a train station. This is still on the smaller side though, as there are bigger ones nearer the city. In Perth, you only get a measly, one storey or two storey shopping centre that lacks in everything compared to the one here. It's just so different! I don't know how to explain it, you just have to see it yourself. It's a country that contradicts it's self, everything is bigger here, yet small enough to fit in to this tiny country, a very small country, yet it's the third or fourth(?) highest in population. The roads smaller, buildings taller and nearer each other and oh my God, people. Just people, people, people, everywhere, anywhere and at any time. Japan's like another world. Even though I've been here many times, it still doesn't register how different it is. I guess I'm just not used to it.

P.S I can't fix the format of the text, which annoys me so much. So, sorry if the format or punctuation marks are strange and ugly, I'll fix it later.