Friday, 21 June 2013

10 Things I've Notice Since Arriving in Japan

I've noticed a few things since I've been here and I thought I would write them down.
  • Phone numbers have ten digits, usually starting with 0
  • You can buy a 325mL can of alcoholic soft drink for 99 Yen (about $1.10) at the supermarket
  • You find a lot of people wearing long pants and several layers even though it's summer
  • Japanese infomercials are the same as anywhere else, annoying yet somewhat amusing
  • Tomorokoshi in Japanese means corn, rokkake means hexagon
  • There's a bread maker machine that you can buy that turns rice in to a loaf of bread, they call this 'Gopan'; which is the combination of gohan (rice) and pan (bread), it looks exactly like bread
  • The IKEA here is the double the size of the one in Perth
  • The bus I got on to yesterday was a fixed price of 200 Yen ($2.20), it doesn't matter where you get off
  • I am too dependent on WIFI back home
  • The road rules here are really strange